Turkey trend: Turkey Mince tops fresh year-round, festive season favours Turkey roasts

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While chicken continues to be the number one meat in Australia, the number of Turkey product options are growing – and this super-food protein is continuing to be a growing choice year-round.

Ingham’s has revealed its four top-selling fresh Turkey products year-round are: Turkey Mince, Turkey Breast Mince, Turkey Minute Steaks and Turkey Breast Steaks. Turkey freezes well too, and Ingham’s frozen Turkey roasts are available throughout the year.

The lead up to the festive season – November and December – accounts for a significant portion of Turkey sales – accounting for one-quarter of fresh Turkey sales, and three-quarters of frozen roast-Turkey sales – but this lean-poultry is a growing choice year-round.

Turkey breast contains less than two per cent fat, is high in protein and rich in vitamins and minerals – including vitamin B12, zinc, iron, and selenium – and the continuing movement towards health-conscious choices is anticipated to continue to see Turkey take a more regular place on Aussie tables.

To highlight its Turkey range, Ingham’s has released dedicated Turkey recipes by celebrity chef Manu Feildel as part of its Dinner Done campaign. These include:

Manu’s Turkey Koftas – cooking with Ingham’s Turkey Mince or Turkey Breast Mince, which are the top two Turkey products by consumer purchase.

Watch the recipe tutorial video here:


Manu’s Saltimbocca Turkey Steaks in Diane Sauce – cooking with Ingham’s Turkey Breast Steaks.

Watch the recipe tutorial video here:

“Turkey is a versatile, low-fat protein that is high in a range of nutrients and can be used in many dishes. We know that shoppers are looking for easy, quick, healthy options that the whole family will eat, but they also want greater choice and new dinner options. This is why we’ve expanded our Turkey range, and its why we’ve partnered with celebrity chef Manu Feildel to create a range of simple ad delicious Dinner Done recipes – featuring Turkey as well as Chicken,” said Mark Powell – Chief Customer Officer at Ingham’s.

Revealing the Ingham’s Dinner Done Turkey recipes, Manu Feildel said: “Turkey is a fabulous protein, that sometimes flies under the radar. It’s flavourful, easy to cook and an incredibly healthy choice.” To view Manu’s Turkey recipes, and learn more about Ingham’s Dinner Done, visit www.inghams.com.au/dinner-done/

Ingham’s Dinner Done was launched earlier to provide quick, simple, and delicious recipes to get midweek dinners done with flavour and fun. All the Dinner Done recipes are available at www.inghams.com.au/dinner-done , plus Ingham’s has launched a free recipe e-book, “10 Easy Dinner Done Recipes the family will love”, available to download from inghams.com.au.

And to help Aussie’s get dinner on the table with the rising cost of living, Ingham’s has launched a cook-snap-win Dinner Done competition – giving away eight $500 grocery vouchers from September to December 2023. Learn more about the competition here: https://inghams.com.au/inghams-dinner-done-cook-and-snap-competition/

Ingham’s has twenty Turkey farms, which are located in New South Wales based from the Macarthur region in South-West Sydney to the Southern Highlands. All farms are family owned and operated.

To learn more about Ingham’s, its range of Turkey products, and Ingham’s Dinner Done, visit www.inghams.com.au/dinner-done and follow Ingham’s on Instagram @InghamAustralia Facebook @ingham’s and YouTube @Inghamschicken

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