Ingham’s Always Good Brand Revitalisation by We Are Sprout recognised at 2023 AMI Marketing Excellence Awards

Ingham’s Always Good Brand Revitalisation by We Are Sprout recognised at 2023 AMI Marketing Excellence Awards

Ingham’s Always Good rebrand has been recognised as revitalising Australia’s leading poultry producer – with the agency behind this, We Are Sprout, named a finalist in two categories (Brand Revitalisation and Independent Agency of the Year) at the 2023 Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Marketing Excellence Awards.
“Our brand revitalisation has been a complete success and we have been fortunate to have partnered with We Are Sprout to achieve exceptional results,” says Seb Brandt, Chief Strategy and Planning Officer at Ingham’s.
We Are Sprout has been around for a busy two years, helmed by Founder and Director Drew Ridley (previously Design Intoto, SGK, Love ‘Em Pet Treats and Loop Branding), and account service lead ‘chief schmoozer’ Katie Reeves. An FMCG and QSR brand agency, We Are Sprout is known for fresh thinking and creating strategies and brand identities to cut through the crowd – and Ingham’s Always Good brand revitalisation is testament to this.
“Our team of problem solvers, insight-driven strategists, design experts and storytellers were excited by the challenge to reinvigorate Ingham’s brand. We’re here for brands who want to be noticed, chosen, and loved, and we were thrilled to work with Ingham’s wonderful team to bring this brave new brand identity to life,” says Drew Ridley.
“We set out to create a game-changing, flavour-packed brand for Ingham’s, that would have the audience coming back for second, third, and more helpings – across customers, consumers, and employees. The results have shown this has been a category-defining rebrand,” says Katie Reeves.

Ingham’s teams up with We Are Sprout to forge an innovative and creative strategy to lift its brand.

In early 2021, Ingham’s celebrated its 103rd birthday. Despite this significant milestone, the brand was experiencing low health and increased competition leading to shelf-squeezing. Enter We Are Sprout, rising to the challenge of developing a wholistic strategic approach to revitalise the brand.
“While brand recognition of Ingham’s remained from the TVC’s and marketing of the 80’s and 90’s, brand perception and intent to buy had waned. But through our research, we were delighted to see there was a strong desire to see this Aussie brand come back,” says Drew Ridley.

The masterbrand strategy: Always Good.

We Are Sprout, in collaboration with Ingham’s, conceived a strategy embracing food and cultural trends – focussing on how people connect over food and care about their choices: Always Good – showcasing how Ingham’s is good to its animals, its people, the environment and delivers deliciously good food.

A new Ingham’s Always Good logo was developed, and new packaging was launched across Ingham’s range of around 140 products (SKU’s). Simultaneously commencing the roll-out of environmentally friendly packaging – with Ingham’s committed to 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025.
Ingham’s Always Good was launched across all channels, included Ingham’s first TVC in over a decade, a five-part content series, social media, digital advertising, retail media advertising, and experiential trade show activations.

Celebrity chef Manu Feildel joined the team for a dedicated ‘Dinner Done’ campaign, to further elevate Ingham’s brand and reinforce Always Good by helping people combat the everyday challenges associated with weekday dinners.

New, innovative products were launched including the AirMAZING 50% Less Fat range, new 1kg Value Packs, as well as new flavours for existing ranges. Food values and key selling benefits were dialled up, seeing Ingham’s the first in its category to promote air-fryer cooking instructions.

A rising brand.

Ingham’s now leads the frozen (poultry) category on perceptions of: Has a broad range; High quality; Tasty; Convenient; Premium. Market share and penetration has grown, as have awareness, brand consideration and purchase intent. And We Are Sprout are getting ready for phase two of the campaign to drive forward Always Good.

ABOUT We Are Sprout.

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