How to Grab Inexpensive Books Online or at Retail

books How to Grab Inexpensive Books Online or at Retail

In a world that is go go go, sometimes it is nice to just sit down with a good book. Be it the crinkle you make opening a brand-new book, or the musty smell of an old one, true book lovers are always on the lookout for cheap, good places to get their book fix.

We have complied the best places to get inexpensive books to get you that fix!

Online retailers

Just because people have found ways to do just about everything online, doesn’t mean that all technology is the devil! There are plenty of great retailers online who stock and supply cheap reads and deliver them right to your doorstep. You will end up spending hours looking for new books, and probably spending far more than you anticipated! One of the best retailers is Books and Gifts Directs, where you can find books on sale for up to 70 percent off, they even do free shipping! Even more icing on the cake, the site offers guaranteed refunds! And even more icing on the amazing cake, a small percentage of your purchase goes to charity- how amazing is that?


Bookmooch is one of the more popular online book swapping services. Give away books to make space in your house and to earn credits on the site and use those credits to get other books you find online. Only pay for shipping costs! What a great way to read every book on your to do list!

In-store retailers

some people prefer buying their books in person, they enjoy the contact with other people and discussing the books and asking for opinions before making any decisions. Lots of instore book retailers have rewards cards for return customers, and a points system where you will eventually be able to get a free book. It pays to look around, and see which instore retailer will give you the most bang for your buck, especially if you see yourself spending a great deal of money there. Most instore retailers have a birthday loyalty system, and you might even score a free book on your birthday, oh yeah!


The classic method, and its totally free. Unless of course you forget to reurn your books. It means you don’t get to keep the books, but it is a great way to read a great deal of books for no cost at all! Libraries are surprisingly great!

Free Ebooks

If you don’t mind reading books on the computer, you can get thousands for free. There are a lot of sites for free Ebooks such as  Project Gutenberg and free-ebooks. You can even download the free books from the iBook’s section on your iPhone!


It’s like Netflix, but for books. It has a fairly low monthly membership fee, and you can check out multiple books at the same time. When you are done, you send them back (free shipping) and you get the next ones on your list! Really, who needs Netflix?

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