Ingham’s launches new campaign to demystify chicken-farming 

Ingham’s launches new campaign to demystify chicken-farming

Chicken is the top meat protein of choice for many, with 70% of Aussies eating chicken three times each week and the average Aussie eating 49 kilograms each year. Yet, misconceptions around meat-chickens continue to circulate. Ingham’s – Australia’s largest integrated poultry producer – has launched a new campaign including a national television commercial designed to demystify meat-chickens. View the TVC here

Five facts you might not know about chicken:

    1. No hormones or steroids are fed or administered to meat-chickens in any way, in fact, any usage of these was banned from chicken production in Australia more than 60 years ago.
    2. Breeding bigger broilers (meat-chickens) using selective breeding, optimal nutrition and husbandry has been a focus of stock suppliers for decades. For the past 60 years, Ingham’s genetic stock supplier has been selecting the fittest, strongest birds to produce the next generation – chosen for growth rate, health, disease resistance, and efficiency at transforming feed into meat. Over time this has seen the growth rate of broiler chickens increase.
    3. Meat-chickens are nurtured with optimal nutrition from gains such as wheat and barley, and protein such as grain legumes and soybean meal.

Broilers are housed in climate-controlled poultry sheds to protect them against hot summers, cold winters, predators, and disease. They can move around and have free access to food and water through automatic feed systems and water lines. At Ingham’s, 100 percent of the company’s sheds have RSPCA Approved certification.

  • Numerous studies have shown that chicken has the lowest carbon footprint of any land-based meat.


Ingham’s said: “Animal welfare and sustainability are central to our strategy. We are proud to participate in the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme as a Producer with 100 percent of our sheds having RSPCA Approved Certification. We are also working to embed sustainable decision-makers across our business to work to achieve – and exceed – our carbon reduction commitments.”

Learn more at www.inghams.com.au

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