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Cove inspires sustainable cleaning through good design

Cove inspires sustainable cleaning through good design


Thursday, June 11, 2020

image1 Cove inspires sustainable cleaning through good design

  • Cove is the latest brand launched by Australian manufacturer, Natures Organics. 
  • Cove is a reusable and refillable cleaning system designed to inspire people to make more sustainable choices 
  • Cove aims to change consumer behavior by using good design principles to add value to product packaging 


Natures Organics, an Australian manufacturer of environmentally responsible home and personal care products, have announced the launch of their newest brand – Cove. 

Cove is a reusable and refillable cleaning system designed to inspire people to make more sustainable choices by adding value to their products and packaging in a world dominated by throw away plastics.

“We want to change behavior and drive a reduction in waste by giving people an option to keep and reuse their cleaning products, rather than just throwing the packaging away and contributing to Australia’s landfill problem,” says Cove’s Brand Manager, Brent Vrdoljak. 

Cove was developed with good design trends at its core, using modern and premium looking packaging to inspire users to keep, reuse and refill their bottles rather than throwing them out. 

Cove’s range of surface, bathroom and glass cleaners come in aluminium bottles designed to be kept, refilled and reused. Aluminium is seen as infinitely reusable, and is also recycled at a much higher rate than plastic in Australia, making it a more environmentally sustainable option. 

“By designing packaging that is not only reusable but also looks good, we are giving consumers a product that they can be proud to keep and display on their counters, which in turn encourages reuse.”

COVE resize 9 Cove inspires sustainable cleaning through good design

Refill pouches are also on offer, with concentrated formulas that can be mixed with water straight from the tap.

“Most cleaning products in the supermarket are predominantly water. By taking the water out of our refills and providing a concentrated product we’re able to offer smaller pack sizes, and we’re not unnecessarily shipping water around the country,” says Vrdoljak. “Smaller pack sizes mean we can fit more into a truck, which means less trucks on the road, and in turn fewer emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.”

Cove refill pouches use 80% less plastic compared to a standard bottle, and the company has partnered with REDcycle to ensure that they are recyclable through the return to store program, where soft plastics can be recycled and turned into park benches and playground equipment. 

Cove’s cleaning range is available now at Coles Supermarkets, and a hyper-concentrated Laundry Liquid will be available at selected Ritchies stores in the coming weeks. 

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About Natures Organics

Natures Organics is an Australian privately owned and operated business, owned by the Dowel family.  Manufacturing and selling at scale for over 30 years, Natures Organics develops and manufactures fast-moving consumer goods, primarily supplied via the Australian grocery channel. 

Earth Choice is the flagship brand, with OC (Organic Care), Fruits Haircare and Purity Sensitive also having perennially strong market positions. Cove is the latest offering in the company’s portfolio. For all products, Natures Organics formulates with primarily plant derived active ingredients that are environmentally friendly – a top priority to their overall brand and business.

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Brent Vrdoljak – Brand Manager 

Natures Organics

Phone: +61 439 430 641   


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