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39 Degrees launches in Myer’s flagship stores


Melbourne, VIC, August 16, 2019 – Bathing and wellness start-up 39 Degrees is excited to announce that
its range is now available at Myer’s three flagship stores.

Following the launch of “Beauty Emporium by Myer”, the company’s products can now be found at Myer’s
Melbourne City, Chadstone and Sydney City stores.

39 Degrees’ signature range includes bath tonics that have been developed inhouse to maximise transdermal
(through the skin) absorption of a concentrated does of magnesium during bathing. The range also includes a
magnesium body scrub and magnesium oil sprays.

Less than a year after launching its products online and at markets across Victoria, 39 Degrees was invited by
Myer to participate in the launch of the store chain’s new “Beauty Emporium by Myer” – a home to a carefully
curated collection of the most-wanted, most-innovative skincare and makeup brands that the world has to
offer – including unique brands that are exclusive to Myer.

39 Degrees’ products not only deliver luxurious spa-like bathing experiences at home, they also allow the
body to absorb essential minerals in a millennia-old fashion.

Humans have been bathing in mineral-rich waters, such as thermal hot springs, Japanese Onsens and Turkish
Hammam’s, for centuries. While the process allows bathers to soak up a variety of minerals – including
magnesium, which is necessary for hundreds of mind and body functions – it can be inconvenient activity due
to accessibility and time constraints. It was this challenge that led co-founders and sisters Michelle Arvaj and
Suzy Kemp to develop their concept of a hot spring experience at home.

“Bathing in hot springs has been a tradition in our family for decades, but between the cost of entry, making
time to travel and bathing with a group of strangers it turned into a once-a-year event,” said Ms Kemp. “Our
goal was to re-create the benefits of a hot spring experience while making it convenient and luxurious. The
added bonus is that we get to encourage people to take care of their minds and bodies by stopping and

39 Degrees was born out of a desire to design natural mineral products that would also promote the
importance of relaxation in an increasingly fast-paced world. The company enhances their products with a
variety of aromatherapy blends made with pure essential oils that are targeted to ease work stress, promote
deeper sleep, help with detoxification and aid in post-gym muscle recovery.

“The Myer Beauty team have been working hard to expand our influence over the wellness and clean
beauty category in Australia and will be introducing a myriad of new and niche brands into the new Beauty
Emporium by Myer,” said Nicole McLoughlin, beauty buyer at Myer. “The 39 Degrees brand messaging is
very much in line with the growth Myer are seeking in this rapidly emerging segment of the market. The
unique and all-natural properties of the 39 Degrees products present as a very appealing aspect to our Myer

Understanding that 39 Degrees carries a responsibility to the global community, the company has pledged to
only use ingredients that are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

39 Degrees has chosen to hero magnesium in its first wave of products because of the growing body of
scientific work that has found that low magnesium levels can result in a wide range of symptoms that include
muscle cramps and spasms, restlessness and sleeplessness, headaches, migraines and nervous tension.

“When we were researching the benefits of magnesium, we were shocked to find that so many of us,
particularly in the western world, weren’t getting enough of the mineral,” said Ms Arvaj. “Studies in
industrialised countries, such as the USA and France, have found that between 60% and 70% of the
population do not consume the recommended daily amount of magnesium.”

Ms Arvaj added: “It is estimated that magnesium, one of the body’s four electrolytes, is essential for more
than 600 enzymatic reactions. Being able to offer such a nourishing and relaxing way to increase your mineral
intake, will hopefully encourage more people to get involved, feel great about the experience and ultimately
increase their stores of magnesium.”

For more information about the company please visit

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