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New BrandStory From Bonzai Gives Brands 3x More Ad Space on Mobile

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Bonzai’s BrandStory, the first-of-its-kind premium mobile ad format with three times more ad space, redefines industry by seamlessly integrating awareness, exploration and action, meeting the demand for expanded brand visibility and engagement in a rapidly growing mobile market.

Bonzai, the leading creative technology platform trusted by APAC’s largest publishers, agencies and advertisers, has launched BrandStory, a brand new premium mobile ad format. BrandStory outshines competitors with triple the ad space and 2.8 times greater time in view than single scroll ad formats, addressing the surging demand from brands worldwide for more real estate to drive real results by seamlessly intertwining awareness, exploration and action within one comprehensive solution.

As smartphone users worldwide reach an estimated 4.6 billion, with expectations of surpassing 5.1 billion by 2028, mobile internet traffic already claims nearly 60 per cent of total web traffic. In response to this unprecedented growth, Bonzai recognised the need for a more expansive, premium mobile ad format that would not only extend the in-ad experience via a seamless, scrolling user experience; it would also drive brand awareness and communicate additional product information in an unobtrusive, impactful way.

After years of insight, BrandStory was brought to life. Bonzai’s new, easy-to-build, no-code solution, launched across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, requires no integration for existing customers and features an array of benefits for both advertisers and publishers:


For Advertisers and Marketers:

BrandStory answers the call of advertisers seeking to maximise their impact, offering an array of advantages: 

  • Expanded Ad Space: BrandStory provides advertisers with 3X more brand canvas area versus other scroller units, enabling them to create more comprehensive and impactful ad campaigns.
  • Holistic Approach: With the ability to seamlessly integrate awareness, exploration and action into a single ad format, BrandStory allows advertisers to craft engaging and immersive campaigns that resonate with their audience.
  • Enhanced Engagement: BrandStory boasts a 2X higher engagement rate than traditional scrolling formats, ensuring that advertisers can captivate their target audience effectively.
  • Viewability: With an exceptional 90% viewability rate, BrandStory ensures that advertisers’ messages reach the right audience, maximising the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.
  • Exclusive Offering: BrandStory is a unique and unmatched solution in the market, setting advertisers apart from the competition and enabling them to drive results that matter.

For Publishers:

  • Revenue Opportunity: By partnering with Bonzai and adopting BrandStory, publishers open up new revenue streams. It’s a high-yield product that captures advertisers’ attention, translating into increased revenues for publishers.
  • Premium Format: BrandStory is an industry-leading mobile ad format, setting publishers apart from the competition. It’s a format that advertisers prefer, making it easier for publishers to attract and retain advertising partners.
  • In-View Metrics: BrandStory’s effectiveness is backed by solid in-view metrics, giving publishers the data they need to showcase the value of their advertising spaces.
  • Easy Integration: Implementing BrandStory requires no extensive integration for existing customers, making it a seamless addition to a publisher’s offerings.
  • Unique Offering: BrandStory stands out as a unique and unmatched solution, providing publishers with a star product that outperforms competitors and drives positive results.

Rahul Pandey, Founder and CEO of Bonzai said: “BrandStory is the culmination of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the advertising industry. With the explosive growth of mobile internet users worldwide, we recognised the need for a premium mobile ad format that provides more real estate for brands to captivate their audience effectively. BrandStory is our answer to this demand, offering advertisers an unrivalled canvas for crafting immersive campaigns that seamlessly integrate awareness, exploration and action. 

“We are excited to empower both advertisers and publishers with this unique, no-code solution that unlocks new opportunities and revenue streams. BrandStory sets a new standard in the industry, and we’re thrilled to introduce it across APAC, empowering brands to reach their audiences like never before.”

Headquartered in Singapore, Bonzai has been making significant strides across APAC, counting virtually every major publisher across the region servicing thousands of advertisers with its products. Iconic brands from Westfield to Mercedes-Benz and even small regional businesses harness Bonzai’s solutions to become more productive and agile in generating creative content and winning customers with relevant digital marketing.

Find out more about BrandStory here.

About Bonzai

Bonzai is a Creative Automation Platform that enables marketers and designers across the globe to build personalised creatives across channels, formats and screens. Since 2013, the Bonzai platform has been using cutting-edge technology to simplify the creative production process for customers such as NewsCorp, The Guardian, Singapore Press Holdings and direct-to-consumer brands. Bonzai’s self-serve product helps its users become more productive and agile in generating creative content, and win customers with relevant digital marketing.

Bonzai is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Sydney and Pune, India. For more information visit

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