Imagine What a 2600-kilometre Journey in a Campervan Would Look Like!

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Road trips often bring the most loving memories that families and friends capture together. If you choose the right vehicle, most people can stay together and enjoy the surrounding views. Suppose you have 14 days in hand, and you are in Cairns. How you spend these days can define some of the best moments of your life. Generally, people plan itineraries that offer the best glimpses of the landscapes and opportunities for adventure and rest. Travel experts suggest that 14 days can be enough to cover 2600 kilometres of distance. That means you can reach Darwin. The long drive with detours and stopovers can be completed in 40 hours. 

If you want to make this plan work, look for options for campervan hire Cairns. A comfortable and spacious vehicle will make your road time relaxing and easy. 

Cairns to Darwin itinerary

You can stop at Undara for two days, 260 km and 3.5 hours travel from Cairns. Take the Bruce Highway south, driving onto Route 52 to reach Atherton Tablelands. Relax at Lake Eacham and Millstream Falls. On the National Highway to Darwin, you will move west to Undara for a sunset experience. Check the Undara Volcanic National Park the next day for the outback. The site has 164 old volcanoes. After this, you will be there for two days in Cobbold Gorge. On the route, you will encounter Talaroo Hot Springs. In Cobbold Gorge, you can explore glass bridge, red sandstone cliffs, bushwalking, kayaking, bird watching, and mountain biking. 

The next stop can be Croydon, which has a rich gold mining past and heritage. You can stop by the courthouse, town hall, jail, police station, etc. For fishing and recreation, Lake Belmore can be a good spot. Like this, you can continue your journey to Karumba, Burketown, Seven Emu Station, Daly Waters, Katherine, Litchfield National Park and finally, Darwin. Darwin is only 1.5 hours from Litchfield National Park. However, travellers often pull over at Berry Springs Nature Park for its aqua woodland pools for swimming. A visit to Territory Wildlife Park is also recommendable if you are interested in outback animals. 

Things to note

One must know that a distance of 3.5 hours or more denotes driving time without any stoppage. Keep your fuel tanks full because petrol stations can be far away. Carrying a satellite phone can be intelligent due to intermittent network problems. Also, check the local guidelines before stopping for a quick swim. There can be crocodiles in the water. 

A trip from Cairns to Darwin can be filled with many amazing things to do and see. Pack your bags and be well-stocked. It will be a long journey. Ensure that you wear suitable clothes as per the season. Typically, dry seasons are most favoured. You want to be extra careful with children. If you choose a campsite for a night or two, it should have basic amenities and cleanliness. Remember to carry some medicines also. Sometimes, a desire to cover most attractions en route becomes tiring. You can lose steam before reaching the final location. Hence, it’s better to give yourself enough rest as you traverse.

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