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Greater Brisbane panic buying due to the 3-day lockdown

unnamed Greater Brisbane panic buying due to the 3-day lockdown

Yesterday March 29, the authorities in Queensland announces the 3-day lockdown due to the increased numbers of coronavirus cases that were recorded last  Monday.

This is the second time that Greater Brisbane gone lockdown this year. This worried people and lead them to panic buying.

This has often been seen in many countries that after lockdown people go in a panic. They tend to think that they won’t be able to access groceries. Fear of not having their essentials make them go to these stores.

Shelves have been cleared of stock in some stores including from other regions such as Hamilton, New Farm, North Lakes, and Chermside. The shoppers completely stripped bare of important necessities like toilet paper, canned items, milk, and other essentials. 

It is said by Cole that they have not reinforced limits on purchasing essential products at Coles and Aldi stories in an attempt to ensure fair access to products.

However, Woolworths Supermarket imposed product limits on some items like Antibacterial wipes, flour, milk, noodles, pasta, paper towels, rice, sugar, tissues, toilet paper, frozen and canned item, also in fresh products like include bread, chilled pasta, eggs, and select meat products from the stores’ butcher and deli. It is to ensure fair access to products.

The panic buying scenes photos and videos are circulating around social media, showing how people rushing to the supermarkets to stock supplies. 

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk discouraging people from panic buying and rushing out since this is not necessary. She announced that groceries and supermarkets will remain open and people can still go there and buy their needs. She repeatedly said that there’s no need to rush out. 

Woolworth and Coles assured that they will impose to maintain social distancing and wearing masks in their stores. 

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