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Global inclusive workplace initiative is implemented in McDonald’s

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Mcdonald’s Corporation announced on April 14, 2021, an important step forward in regards to its commitment to fostering safe, respectful, and inclusive workplaces with the implementation of new Global Brand Standards. 

The main goal of this is to focus on the culture of physical and psychological safety for the employees and most especially the customers through preventing violence, harassment, and discrimination.

The McDonald’s Restaurants, both Company-owned and franchise locations with 39,000 branches all over the globe were required to implement these standards. This implementation is supported by a suite of policies, tools, training, and reporting mechanisms.

McDonald’s President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Kempczinski said, “ There are no shortcuts to ensuring that people feel safe, respected, and included at a McDonald’s restaurant. This work starts by taking big, intentional moves, our new Global Brand Standards reinforce our commitment to living our values such that at every interaction, everyone is welcome, comfortable, and safe.”

The four areas that will be prioritized by actions of these new Brand Standards are workplace violence prevention; restaurant employee feedback; and health and safety. A cross-functional global team and reviews global market practices and perspectives from across the McDonald’s System were the professionals who measure these standards.

Mark Salebra, Chairman of the U.S. National Franchisee Leadership Alliance (NFLA) and franchise owner said, “As employers, we have an important role to play in setting the bar high for a values-led, safe and inclusive working environment.  “Our franchise community is committed to adhering to the standards and model of what it means to support our employees in doing what we do best—serving our customers and communities with integrity and respect.” 

In January 2022, starting next year, as part of McDonald’s market’s business evaluation process, restaurants will be assessed and held accountable.  Each market will allow implementing the Brand Standards in the most effective way. This will also help to identify and scale best practices across the industry by setting accountability and a clear path for action.

Reto Egger, Speaker Group Chair of the European Franchisee Leadership Group (EFLG) and franchise owner said, “McDonald’s has a responsibility and an opportunity to use our tremendous scale to drive change globally. These refreshed standards and heightened measures of accountability are central to our culture, our business goals, and the need in our society to foster more respect, safety, and inclusion.”

To provide expertise, training, and tools that support the implementation of the standards for franchisees, the company will continue to work in partnership with independent and third-party experts in the U.S. and globally.   


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