Car Sales stats in Brisbane and Queensland

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Queensland has over 1.27 million square kilometres to travel between – a fair chunk of Australia’s 7.7 million square kilometre area. As there’s over 21.1 million registered vehicles in Australia, almost one for every adult of driving age, Queenslanders have a rich motoring history and passion – and you can’t really get far without a car! Let’s dive into the latest car sales statistics for Brisbane and Queensland and see where the market is heading. 

Car Sales in Queensland

According to the latest state figures released by peak body the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, new car sales in Queensland increased by 4.3% in July 2023 over the same month last year, selling 19,719 cars in total out of the 96,859 sold Australia-wide. Other Qld car stats show that sales of new cars in Queensland was up 5.4% in 2023 over the same period last year.

Popular cars in Brisbane and suburbs

According to advisory and accounting firm KPMG, the most common cars in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs appear to be the Toyota Corolla in the inner suburbs followed by the Toyota Landcruiser further inland, with the Holden Commodore also relatively common. Paddington’s top five car marques are the Volkswagen Golf, Mazda 3, the Corolla, Hyundai i30, and Toyota Yaris (in descending order.) 

Transport costs in Brisbane and Townsville

The Australian Automobile Association says that Brisbane residents spend 18.6% of their income on transport costs at about $522.84 per week, an increase of 0.3% since Q2 2023. People in Townsville spend about 13.7% of their income on transport each year, at about $369.98 per week. Brisbane had the second highest cost of insurance per week at $49.80, behind Melbourne at $56.93.

Registration in Brisbane cost motorists an average of $1,666.

Other car statistics in Queensland

Queensland recorded 280 road fatalities during 2023, a 1.1% increase. Queensland had the highest number of car thefts recorded in 2021 with 12,977 or 27.1% of all thefts Australia wide. Queensland also saw 11,059 thefts of light commercial vehicles, or 29% of the Australia-wide total. Queensland also recorded over 20,000 charges of unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

How to get a good deal on a new car in Queensland

There are some tips you can follow to save a bundle on new cars in Queensland. First is setting a budget. Know what kind of car you want so you can handle repayments and insurance. Prioritise aspects like towing, safety, fuel efficiency, and storage, as per your tastes and needs. 

To save significant amounts on the sticker price, approach dealers towards the end of the year or financial year. Dealers want to shift display cars to make place for newer models. The next best time is at the end of month when dealers need to make quota or commission. If you want the ultimate upper hand in negotiation, talk to a broker for car loan pre-approval – this gives you a firm price ceiling a dealer has to match or lose the sale. Remember that dealers have one job – and that’s to see you drive away! 

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