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Aussies Set a New Online Shopping Record

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9.3 million purchases online in just 12 months. This is the new record set by Australians in 2021-22. Australia Post released fresh numbers and according to Australia Post,  5.6 million households purchased goods online from July to December last year.

An astounding 73.1% more purchases were made online in 2021 compared to 2019!

Experts say that during Covid many people couldn’t go out for holidays, they stayed home and most even avoided going to markets and malls to stay safe. So many Australians saved money during this period and now as the country is opening up after vaccination, Aussies are out and spending with full capacity.

“We’ve seen more than 900 million parcels delivered in the past three years alone, which says so much about how quickly e-commerce has grown in a short amount of time,” says the head of e-commerce analytics at Australia Post, Rose Yip.

More than a billion parcels have been delivered via Australia Post’s online parcel management platform since its launch in 2016, and Australia Post Head of eCommerce Analytics Rose Yip said the growth in online shopping had accelerated beyond expectations throughout the pandemic.

NSW residents spent the most on online shopping, with one-in-three purchases from NSW.

The dominant categories were pet foods (38 %), tools and garden supplies (29 %) discount items (32 %) athleisure (17%) and baby products (18 %).

Retail sales 2021-22

It’s not just shopping but also tourism that is seeing new heights. Lockdown days are over and hopefully stays that way and Aussies are getting out of their house, and their cities and travelling local and international. Airports are starting to get crowded and flights getting full. Not to mention, shopping at Airports has also gone up as a result.

This will result in stock value going up soon for many tourism-related companies listed in ASX. These stocks were down for some time first covid then the war in Ukraine which is still on at the time of writing. But slowly things are picking up for retail and tourism.

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