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Why Online Shopping is Your Best Bet During Coronavirus Crisis

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As of 27 March 2020, the states are slowly moving towards complete lockdown and there are restrictions on public gathering. It is consistently recommended by PM Scott Morrison not to go out unless really needed. Cafes, restaurants, pubs etc are closed and only open for takeaway food or drink.

So what should retailers do in such situations? Retailers should focus on selling online. A survey says that people are still ordering in fact ordering more than usual as they are sitting at home and can’t go out. Some industries are certainly selling more than others but still, it is worth for every industry to focus on selling online.

What should shoppers or buyer do in this time? Well, you do online shopping. Below are some of the benefits and tips of online shopping.

Online shopping is easy as pie. It gives you flexibility, variety and saves your trip to the shop. Buying gifts online has become a trend. There are many online stores where you can buy discounted products easily.

As per this blog, Coronavirus has completely changed the way Australians shop. Customers are essentially shifting their purchases to online or choosing ‘click and collect’ rather than browsing and buying.

With online shopping become so prevalent in today’s society what is the use of stores anymore? We kid! But seriously, online shopping is the best! Here are our favourite reasons why you should start online shopping immediately:


  • Convenience

It’s Wednesday night, it’s one day away from treat yourself night and you have no magazine for your tub read. Don’t panic. Next day delivery is the best thing to happen to your soak your blues away Thursday night. Get your magazines delivered weekly and you will never be without again.


  • Avoiding distraction

How many times have you gone to the book store and accidentally purchased a dozen books and watched your bank account drain dramatically? Shopping online means you are shopping for a mystery novel, you will only buy a mystery novel. It’s harder to succumb to subliminal advertising when you are online, saving cash.


  • No crowds!

This is the best reason by far! Shopping online means there sitting at home, sipping your wine and enjoying your solitude. Who doesn’t want that?


  • Cheaper

Shopping online means you can hunt for the cheapest deals, without leaving the comfort of your happy home. It might take a little longer online, but you’ll be happy knowing you found the best price.


  • Check the reviews

You head to the bookstore, find a book you think you will love but suddenly realise you have no way to actually know if you will. Buying books online means you can read pages and pages of reviews before making a decision. But let’s be real, all the books are amazing!


  • Use coupons

Shopping online means there is always a good coupon code to be found and applied. Before you start shopping online check all different websites or voucher codes to be used for the items you are wanting to purchase.


  • Buy things secretly

Afraid your partner will crack it when they realise you just purchased another limited edition Cookbook collection? Your collection will be delivered in a secret brown box you can claim is ‘food for dinner’, and keep them in the dark.


  • Sending gifts is a breeze

Forgot your auntie’s birthday? Not an issue. Simply search online, make your purchase and have it delivered the next day. Include a thoughtful note and you’ll look like the most thoughtful relative on the planet.

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