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Who Owns Kmart

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Who Owns Kmart?

Wesfarmers owns kmart along with some other popular retail stores in Australia such as Bunnings, Target and Officeworks. From its origins in 1914, Wesfarmers has grown into one of Australia’s largest listed companies.

With headquarters in Western Australia, Wesfarmers’ diverse business operations cover: home improvement and outdoor living; apparel and general merchandise; office supplies; and an Industrials division with businesses in chemicals, energy and fertilisers, and industrial and safety products.

Wesfarmers is one of Australia’s largest employers and has a shareholder base of approximately 484,000.

The Kmart Group, comprising Kmart and Target, was formed as the Department Stores division in February 2016

Kmart itself was established in 1969, with the opening of its first store in Burwood, Victoria. In April 2019, Kmart celebrated its 50th anniversary. Kmart operates more than 200 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Wesfarmers owns many other popular brands in Australia as you will see later in this articles. Mid 2019, Wesfarmers made news when they acquired Catch Group [ ] which at that time has over a million active online customers. Catch is a popular ecommerce site and Wesfarmers is planning to grow their online reach with this acquisition.


How Wesfarmers Started

Would like to know how the company, that shaped the retail scene in Australia, was started and under what circumstances?

Wesfarmers was borne out of demands by the rural workers’ union for better pay and less hours. A group of farmers formed the Farmers and Settlers’ Association in 1912 to empower primary producers and fight a claim they believed could ruin many of them.

Driven by a need to support the rural community, it was shaped under the watchful eye of Walter Harper. On 27 June 1914 The Westralian Farmers Limited was registered under the Western Australian Companies Act and began trading from two small rooms at 13 Howard Street, Perth.

Founded with the intention of assisting farmers and growing and marketing their produce through co-operative action, it became known as ‘the Farmers’ Company’ or simply by its telegraphic address – Wesfarmers.

If you like to see the full history of the company from first chairman, headquarters, company’s to the acquisitions, you can see them here.



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