Who Owns Akron Children’s Hospital

Akron Children’s Hospital

Akron Children’s Hospital was established in 1890 and began as a day nursery sanctioned by the state. Today, it is privately managed by its CEO Grace Wakulchik who was given the title of president and CEO in 2017.

Akron Children’s Hospital

(Polio ward in church basement for the Akron Children’s hospital)

Starting as a day nursery as the needs of the young were recognized, the hospital consistently expanded its services. By 2010, it became the largest pediatric health care provider in the entire northeast Ohio region

Today, Akron Children’s Hospital caters to infants, children, adolescents, and young adults as a pediatric acute care hospital. In certain cases, they provide assistance and medical care to adult patients aged 21 years old and above.

Akron Children’s Hospital’s Recent History

In an effort to further grow and expand, Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital entered an agreement with Akron Children’s Hospital in 2014. The partnership gave life to the pediatric and adult congenital heart program.

With the positive outcome and future promise of the program, what started in 2014 was extended in 2019 for another five more years. Along with it came new locations and facilities to cater to the growth of the partnership.

In July 2017, Grace Wakulchik was appointed the president and CEO of the hospital. She replaced William H. Considine who proceeded to become the CEO Emeritus.

Who is William H. Considine?

At the age of 32, William Considine became the president and CEO of Akron Children’s Hospital in 1979. By that time, it only had one hospital building, annual operating budget of $35 million, and 900 employees.

When William stepped down from being the name president and CEO, he has brought the annual budget to $1.8 billion, grew the workforce to more than 6,000 employees, and established two major hospitals under its name, along with an additional 60 plus locations.

William Considine spent his entire life in the medical field, managing one organization and board after another. All of his time, along with his wife, was spent to further improve the Arkon Children’s Hospital. As a matter of fact, they donated $1 million in 2009 to establish the Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute in the hospital.

Being the CEO Emeritus, he now concentrates his attention partaking in different charity programs. He also spends a huge sum of his time engaging in advocacies, especially regarding childcare and support.

Who is Grace Wakulchik?

Grace Wakulchik, 62, is a registered nurse with an extensive history with William Considine. She oversaw multiple projects for Considine in which she worked so diligently that the projects ended up spending less than the allotted budget by the tens of millions.

She is a well-decorated woman with a long list of credentials. With her working closely with Considine, it is expected that she will uphold the morals and goals of the previous name president and CEO.

How Big is Akron Children’s Hospital?

In the 25-county state of Ohio, Akron Children’s Hospital now has 78 locations all throughout. This includes primary care offices, urgent care centers, and pediatric specialty care clinics among others. It also has two fully operational teaching hospitals.

The Akron Children’s Hospital continues to grow as the new management foresees a future in line with the past president and CEO’s vision. It further pushes towards the founding of new research projects and grants to widen the services of each of its hospitals.

As modern medicine continues to develop, more and more understanding and attention is given to pediatric care. More is understood on the development of a child that will mold their entire well-being and dictate their physical and mental capacity to be fully functioning individuals.

Akron Children’s Hospital is being a part of that modern development. A huge contribution not just to the field of medicine, but to the nurturing of a healthier population for the future.

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