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Who owns Airbnb

who owns airbnb

Here we cover details on Who Owns Airbnb, how Airbnb operates and more details. Being on tour in another country or your home country may seem exciting, but this excitement is not long-lived if you cannot find yourself a comfortable and much cozier accommodation. Airbnb does that for you in a really nice and professional way. In recent years, Airbnb has evolved itself as an authentic marketplace to offer you all-time best places to accommodate that also come with plenty of options on things to do.

The Airbnb founder story puts forth a classic example of human persistence, determination, fear, and above all the energetic push. Speaking of Airbnb and its starting, the company was formed in 2007 in San Francisco by its founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, who had transferred themselves from New York.

How It All Started: Who owns airbnb

The Airbnb founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia were finding the things hard to accommodate themselves as the rents in San Francisco were out of the reach of their small pocket size. They were searching for some quick and extra cash to pay their rent. Soon they noticed that the hotel rooms in the city were already booked as there was an Industrial Design Conference scheduled, which attracted the visitors. 

The way of creation of Airbnb founder is indeed one of the most stirring stories that could be written in 21st century. Just guess the founders of Airbnb who slogged out of their wits and in credit card debts, all they were doing was selling the cereals for making the ends meet and balance the company debts. And for almost two and more years, Airbnb sailed in debts before investors popped in.  

The duo youngsters came across a wonderful business prospect and booked a few airbeds and speedily designed a website “Air Bed and Breakfast,” and started offering visitors a place for a cool sleep and breakfast for $80 each a night. It was America, where business ideas click, and Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia made a big win with their idea too. They had three guests who booked the room and landed on their site. 

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The Best Marketplace Ever

This American online marketplace company with a business base in San Francisco, California, United States has become a well-known name for providing the commercial lodging facilities, concentrating on comfy homestays, and giving astonishingly marvelous tourism experiences. The company has no real estate listings, and above all, it has never hosted any events. The company has always been in the front of room brokering services across the globe as it receives commissions from every room booked. 


Real Places to Win the Heart

Airbnb came up with authentic accommodations at affordable prices. The marketplace started offering 7 million accommodations along with 50,000 personalized activities. Airbnb has emerged itself as classic example of economic empowerment, helping small, medium, and big sized businesses to quickly monetize their rooms, keeping them passionate and holding up the tourism benefits within their own communities. 

Airbnb has crossed three-quarters of a billion guest arrivals until today, as well as giving accessibility to 62 languages reaching to the 220+ countries and regions. The fascinating part is that Airbnb is in the league of adding value by endorsing people-to-people connection, community, and high loyalty factor across the globe. 

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Philanthropic Deeds from Airbnb

Giving back to the communities and serving their needs has always been at the center of Airbnb. Keeping up with their intent, in November 2012, the company went ahead and joined hands with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and started offering free housing to the people who were moved or affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Airbnb constructed a microsite, where the hurricane victims registered themselves while the housing and property owners came up with housing deals that were free of cost. The best thing was that the company had also waived the service fee and the host guarantee continued. 

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The real idea behind catering to the room and hotel accommodation needs. In recent years, this amazing marketplace has become renowned and successful showing a vertical graph and success record. Airbnb’s guests are increasing each single day and the company is making the best resource out of it. 


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