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Who owns Air New Zealand

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Traveling to new destinations on a comfy journey may remind you of the hospitality of a true airliner? Air New Zealand offers that hospitality and not just that, this giant airliner doesn’t limit itself to flying only but a lot more. You must have become curious about Air New Zealand! And it seems a lot obvious too.  

Air New Zealand Limited has a domestic as well as international character transposing as passenger and cargo carrier on scheduled flights to and from New Zealand. The international destinations operated by Air New Zealand include Australia, North America, United Kingdom, Pacific, and Asia. 

Being the national airline of New Zealand, Air New Zealand is a conglomerate of many parent organizations of many affiliate holdings, including the Mount Cook Airline, Eagle Airways, and Air Nelson. While the majority of the Air New Zealand has the government’s stake, the remaining stake is traded on the New Zealand Exchange (NZX: AIR) and Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: AIZ).

Flying on a regular trip on Air New Zealand carries out the memories of sophisticated generosity and an international character. This airliner brought forth the “Link” brand and got together the three subsidiary forms, and these started operating under the combined name as Air New Zealand ‘Link’.

Air New Zealand’s achievement is indissolubly linked to the feat and triumph of New Zealand and this tradition is carried along every day. With a strong global network and great passenger traveling ability, especially as it carries more than 17 million passengers worldwide each year, this airliner speaks for its value-added greatness.

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The strategic focus as well as competitive advantage falls within the Pacific area with the complex extending from New Zealand and going through continents and sub-continents include Australia, Asia, and the Americas. The international and domestic airliner follows all safe fly criteria. 


Air New Zealand – Robust and Buoyant Domestic Business Presence

The domestic network of Air New Zealand is unparalleled to any other airliner in operation. The comprehensiveness of this airline can be assumed from the fact that it services as many as 20 key centers and regions all over New Zealand. This national kiwi airliner is known for its superb customer service and equally great flying culture. The airliner’s loyalty towards its customers speaks for it.  

The best customer satisfaction along with notably highest brand health places Air New Zealand on par excellence once and for all. Moreover, the airliner also makes out of the way efforts to maintain employee engagement, which further escalates to customer satisfaction. 

In the recent airlines, the national airline carrier of New Zealand is placing higher investments in increasing its fleet of big and state of the art passenger planes, which would help in stimulating more comfy air journeys, thus enhancing the international and domestic tour operations. 

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Earn While You Fly

Air New Zealand comes up with Airpoints card, which is the part of Airpoints™ loyalty programme, and it brings value addition to the customers. The airliner is offering its flying members with overtly convenient and quite an apparent loyalty currency, which is the Airpoints Dollars™ and this has eventually led to growth in the flying members. It is regarded as the most decent enhancement altogether. 

There are impressively more than 3 million members who are taking advantage of Air New Zealand’s loyalty programme. With this programme underway, the commercial jet airliner is paving the way towards developing a one on one understanding with its valued customers. 

Air New Zealand boasts of its strong and committed international network that is settled on the Pacific Rim Strategy. The national airline carrier works on very strategic revenue-share associations that also include ties with market stakeholders. The premium international markets that are ventured in this regard are Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and the United States. 



Air New Zealand functions as robust flying connectivity to London utilizing global alliance partners, which are now connecting New Zealand to Europe and moving further with more than 3,400 flights taking on the average. These are not the flights but generous hospitality delivered with the mission to serve people and the country forever and everywhere. 


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